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Stroke Awareness

Visit the Know Stroke website to learn more about stroke and obtain Know Stroke materials such as brochures, posters, and this video.
Video for Know Stroke. Know the Signs. Act in Time.

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Pain Awareness Month – Hope through Research

Director's Message from Walter Koroshetz, M.D.September is Pain Awareness Month. Did you know that over 25 million American adults experience daily pain? This estimate, published in the Journal of Pain and based on 2012 data from the National Health Interview Survey, underscores the enormous toll of human suffering that pain exacts. The data also showed that based on the persistence and bothersomeness of their pain, 14.4 million adults were classified as having the highest level of pain (a lot of pain on most days or every day), with an additional 25.4 million adults experiencing a lot of pain some days or a moderate amount of pain on most days or every day. These combined nearly 40 million people were likely to have worse health status, to use more health care, and to suffer from more disability than those with less severe pain. Pain Awareness Month is an opportunity not only to raise awareness of what people in pain endure, but also to extend gratitude for the support of family and friends, the tireless efforts of care givers to relieve their patients’ sufferings, and the remarkable work by scientists studying pain and new treatments for pain. Research into safe, effective therapies to prevent or treat pain offers the hope of alleviating tragic suffering and reducing the cost to our nation in the form of hundreds of billions of dollars each year in medical care and lost productivity. More Message »

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